About us

The company Fredelund Ltd. has her roots in the company Mazeras which we founded in 2004.

After some years of focusing solely on the beautiful Kenyan sandstone, we were offered to be distributors of Clever Kitchen in 2008, again, with exclusivity for the markets we operate in, and with two legs to stand on, we took the initiative to a name change to Mazeras/Fredelund.

Our darling is still Mazeras sandstones, but our focus now is to build a small portfolio of niche products designed for the discerning client involved in private projects as well as domiciles. Our vision is that Fredelund Ltd. is the supplier whose products you as an architect, interior designer, contractor or building owner just HAVE to see before you embark on a new construction project. In 2010 we founded the company Fredelund Ltd. to serve as an umbrella brand. Our third product line, Spiral Cellars, was in the pipeline, and we can now offer 3 great niche products:


Our products are sold directly to the builder, but we are typically in contact with the entire trinity when we deliver for a project: the paying, the creative and performing partner.