Our story

Everything has a special starting point, that goes for the idea for my company as well, for which my three years in Kenya were essential.

In 2001 I accepted a job offer in Nairobi, Kenya. Packed along with the rest of our belonging, were the drawings for the renovation of our house in Denmark. Long before I even left for Kenya, I had been looking for a beautiful natural stone to create the perfect setting for our future family life for our house in Denmark. I had just not found the right one yet.

In Kenya, I suddenly stumbled upon the exact stone I had been looking for, and so in 2004 when my family and I moved back to Denmark, I had not only a 27 ton souvenir for myself but also a new possibility to bring joy and uniqueness to the building contractors on the Danish latitudes. With exclusive import in the Northern Europe of this particularly beautiful sandstone, I today find myself working on an everyday basis with three of my greatest passions: Kenya, sandstones and interior design.

We have specialised ourselves in being niche suppliers for buildings in Scandinavia. Since our establishment in 2004, we have added Clever Kitchen in 2008 and Spiral Cellar in 2011, both completely unique products within our area of expertise: niche products in fixtures.

Lisette Fredelund, Owner