In addition to co-operate with some of the best architects in the country, we have hand picked a selection of collaborators, there just like us, has focus on creating individual solutions in design and decor.

In cooperation with these partners we ensure, that you get more value for your money. We create solutions, that is both functional, and you as a customer or ideacreator behind the project can showcase with pride.



Design gardens


At Haddeland Design you will experience that your thourght of how a garden should look like, is given an extra twist. Tor Haddeland dare to challenge our traditional conception about the lines in the garden.

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Doors and partitions


Septum is supplier of indoor wall systems with glass, glass doors and sliding doors. Customized models from own production are available and Italien design sliding doors from Karim Rashid aswell.

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Kustomhouse is like FREDELUND niche supplier to the Danish market. Among others is this your guarantee for not ending up with the exact same product as your neighbor. Kustomhouse has showroom in Copenhagen.

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Lightning design


At Bjarnhoff A/S is the focus on complete solutions instead of individual products, and the plan for the lightning architecture, takes its starting point at each project developer. Showroom near Kolding and Copenhagen.

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