We will not be able to sell a product that is not manufactured under good conditions. To secure that, we make agreements with our suppliers, and make unannounced visits. Until this day we have not been disappointed.

The Mazeras sandstones are cut in Kenya. Here are the mining and adaption of the stones controlled by the Italian owner of the mining company. The owner is 2. generation on site and has a constructional background from Switzerland. Hereby he has an understanding for European standards, but with a sense of doing business in Africa.

In the period of 2011 to 2013 we participated in a program together with 9 other companies with trade connection in Kenya and with Håndværksrådet as principal organiser, about sustainability and social responsibility. The programme and some of the results are available here:

Clever Kitchen is manufactured on license in Germany, on an old carpentry. We work with the 4. generation on the carpentry and they are well known for their neat work and high quality.

Spiral Cellars are manufactured in the Great Britain, but the wine cellar is originally a concept developed in France – naturally. Our supplier has great experience and expertise with installation of these exquisite wine cellar solutions, and expertise we draw upon and benefit from.

We have a close collaboration with our suppliers. This gives us more opportunities – and it will benefit you.