Your alternative to granite and concrete

Amongst our products we have so far just one for outdoor use – it is, however a rather unique one.

Mazeras sandstones are remarkable because of their particular strength and durability, and we often witness great enthusiasm from landscape architects for the product, because it allows the designer to customize and beautify both driveway, pathway and common areas by use of the same material.

Customized formats for benches, panels and walls in outdoor environments are likewise part of our niche production and since this particular sandstone is suitable for paving of driveways as well as being acid proof, we can utilise the same material on driveways, terraces or large public area, walking paths etc. and further let the material fold down and become the cladding of bassins or pools. The tile has been tested for its resistance to salt with positively result, hence it can safely be used in areas where de-icing is necessary in the cold season, as well as in areas with saltwater like e.g. harbour fronts.

The type of projects which invites us to participate range from private garden designs to urban redesign/renewal, courtyards, church- and city squares, and for landscape architects it is worth mentioning that when we source larger quantities for larger projects like squares and the like, our prices become quite competitive. Call us with your enquiries, we would love to contribute to your project.