Are you going to construct, extend or remodel?

Not all private developers have architects or other advisors at hand during a project, and those who do, rarely let the choice of materials go by without their opinion anyway. And this with good reason! Fixtures, such as the products in our portfolio, play a large role in the final result – hence it feels good to be in on the decisions.

In a meeting with you as the private developer we kindly ask you to bring drawings of the project. From your budget, taste, needs and the details in your project we will assist you in finding the most suitable solution for the particular project. A meeting as such usually takes place in a relaxed manner and atmosphere, it is informing and inspiring – and of course completely noncommitting.

In the meeting we will try to cover your taste and style in a way that we with our choice of colours and other complementary products can make sure all elements of the project align, making the final result just as you may want it to be.