Clever Kitchen: Product Information


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The Clever Kitchen’s finish comes in numerous colours and decor styles manufactured by the company Egger. Your kitchen cabinet fronts can thereby be a true reflection of your taste and style.

If the kitchen is meant for a showroom or office environment, you might even think of adapting the colours from your logo or office interior with your choice of finishing.

Find an overview of the vast variety of options here:



Model and Design

We offer you three Models: Slim, Premium and DeLuxe Line. Diameters range from 167cm to 191cm.

Height of the kitchen is 240,2cm but an installation height of 255.0cm is required in order to mount the kitchen modules and tabletop.

Designs within each Model range are named after the ideal use. An appliance package suitable for said use has been chosen for each Design. Both Model and Design specifics can be seen in this overview.

Model & Design