• Fredelund ApS

    Fredelund ApS

    Niche for nerds

  • Mazeras sandstones

    Mazeras sandstones

    African sandstones for new- and re-built, indoor and outdoor

  • Spiral Cellars

    Spiral Cellars

    Unique wine storing concept for existing restaurants, private residences and new constructions

  • Clever Kitchen

    Clever Kitchen

    Space saving kitchen with a footprint of just 2 sqm

We LOVE niche products!

At FREDELUND LtD our focus is to provide access to exciting products which can help you create a unique setting for the life you live, either in your corporate headquarters or in your private residence. We only wish to provide products that contribute significantly to defining what you stand for – and products which other traders in our area do not provide. We take pride in that, it is our niche, and not least, it is our passion. Welcome!

OBS! Our English website is under development. Meanwhile, please bare with us, and by all means, do get inspired by the many fantastic reference photos, and please do not hesitate to contact me with any enquiry you might have in relation to our products and services. Best regards, Lisette Fredelund, Owner, Tel. +45 76 31 11 15
E-mail: lisette@fredelund.com