natures colour scheme

When ordering your sandstones, you select which colour scale you would want. It could be e.g. a 100% from grey/sand mix, or 80% fra beige/yellow mixed with 20% from black/brown. We will mix them for you from our warehouse, if you so wish, so that once delivered to you, all the workers need to do is fit them tiles for you.



which format do you want?

By sourcing directly from the mining area, we get the advantage of being able to order exactly the size you might wish for, without costing you extra. This will give you the fantastic opportunity of having your materials tailored to your project. Please refer to the gallery for size examples.



made by nature

The thickness of our tiles is given by nature. Each tiles is mined by hand, horisontally in open mines, assisted by the open gaps inbetween the layers which has been provided by nature itself.

The slates are sorted into thickness tolerances of +/- 2½mm, so that we can supply them in intervals like 10-15mm, 15-20mm, 20-25mm osv. Only small slate sizes can be supplied in 10-15mm thickness.


IS that easy

Use a non-visible treatment, and thereby retain the natural expression of your unique natural stones. For use indoor, we particularly recommend a surfacetreatment. It will protect your natural stones from stains, and once treated, it will last for many years. On a day-to-day basis, ordinary detergents can be used for floor maintenance.