rustique or refined

Spiral Cellar is cast in contrete in two different colours; concrete grey and white. The grey cellar, also called Original Spiral Cellar, has a beautiful yet raw and rustique feel whereas the white cellar has a more refined look to it. See examples of the two models in the colour gallery.



see how here

Spiral Cellars can successfully be installed in both new and existing constructions. If the excavation is prepared prior to our teams arrival an installation will take 3-5 days. Including excavation you should expect 5-8 working days depending on the model and depth you have chosen for your celler. Watch a brief video of an installation process here:



how many bottles?

Original Spiral Cellar has diameter of 2 meters and White Spiral measures 2,2 meter. The two models have five depth options from 2 to 3 meters with a bottle capacity spanding from 1.000 to 1.870; ideal for any wine enthusiast.

The bottle capacity for each model is listed in the table at the bottom of the gallery as well as on the price list.

Original White


its as easy as that

The construction of the Spiral Cellar allows for the ground to cool the cellar and thereby the wine. This means that the temperature can be kept steady between 8° C – 18° C depending on the specific environment on your property. A natural passive ventilation system bring in the cool air. The cool air will push the hot air down and through the ventilation pipe at the bottom of the cellar. This not only ensures a stable temperature all year but also maintains a natural humidity level.