Below you will find the links to our photo galleries. Here we have presented photos of the two different models: Original and White. We have gathered photos and information about the many possible trap doors; whether you like glass or a concealed door that can blend in with the surrounding floor be it timber or tiles. You can also find photos of Spiral Cellar accessories such as lighting and step tread options.

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Spiral Cellar is made in two basic models: Original and White. As the name implies, the Original Spiral Cellar is the original edition of Spiral Cellar, developed in France decades ago. It is cast in grey concrete which gives an authentic and rustique impression.

As an alternative, we also offer a White Spiral Cellar which has deeper bins, more accessory options and a more refined finish.

Original White

Trap doors

Unless you choose from our other options, a Spiral Cellar will be installed with our standard timber trap door. You can see an example of the default door by selecting Timber below.

However, there are many alternatives to the timber trap door. You can have your trap door concealed to fit the surroundings or choose our personal favourite; a glass trap door allowing you and your guests to admire your wine collection from above.

Glass Timber Concealed


A Spiral Cellar provides darkness for your wine to mature perfectly

However, being able to light up your cellar is a necessity in order to navigate amongst all your greatest bottles. If you opt for a lighting package from us when ordering your cellar, all cables for lighting will be hidden inside the column of the cellar keeping the finished look clean and elegant.

See light options

Stair treads

Step treads is an optional extra for the White Spiral Cellar.

We have handpicked luxurious step treads for your cellar and will fit the same when performing the final finish on your cellar. Should you decide on ordering treads at a later stage, we will have them shipped directly to your address, prepared for your own easy fitting.

See Stair Treads